Urdhva Dhanurasana

sanskrit: Urdhva Dhanurasana
translation: urdhva = upward, dhanu = bow
aka: Upward Bow Pose
Upward Facing Bow Pose

aka: Wheel Pose
aka: Chakrasana
aka: Crab Pose
...any others?

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Leila said...

Like you, I'm in teacher training and have been compiling a list of poses with sanskrit names.

I was looking for "Upward Table" and then found that on alot of sites it's called Crab Pose - which is is different than wheel. See http://www.yogabasics.com/seated-backbends/crab-pose.html

sai krupa said...

Nice explanation using the posture pose regarding Urdhva Dhanurasana that gives the basic idea on it with its terminology, Thanks for the share...