Ardha Chandrasana

sanskrit: Ardha Chandrasana
translation: ardha = half, candra = glittering, shining, having the brilliancy or hue of light, moon
aka: Half Moon Pose
aka: Crescent Moon Pose
aka: Triangle with a leg lift (from Debbie)
...any others?

Interesting tid-bit: while researching Ardha Chandrasana, I found this variation (below), done in Bikram.

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Debbie said...

aka: Triangle with a Leg Lift

That Girl Designs said...

I practiced Bikram for about a year. Tough, but great for the body.

Liliumlis said...

Is that really a variation? I think it's just another pose but with the same name. It kind of looks like a half moon right?

TheWiseSage said...

That "variation" looks like Urdhva Hastasana with a backbend.