sanskrit: anjaly
aka: an offering

OK OK it's not a pose but so help me god, I can't have a blog and not talk a little shopping - Anjaly's line is just so gorgeous!!! All their pieces are made from organic cotton, are sweatshop-free, and are absolutely beautiful.

They don't have any US store listings but -low and behold- one of their base offices are two streets over from me... I'm on a mission :)

UPDATE: Anjaly is sold locally at Envy on Newbury, Exhale Spa and O2 Yoga (my home studio - who knew?!?)... Also online at,, and soon at :)


That Girl Designs said...

This is a great blog idea. Thanks! It will come in handy as I progress in my yoga practice.

Debbie said...

Lovely site!

JHill said...

oh beautiful!!